International Conference on Mixed-Anion Compounds
Kobe Chamber of Commerce and Industry Kobe, Japan & Online
December 7 – 10, 2021

Synthesis of Mixed Anion Compounds toward Novel Functionalities
Perspective conversion of material science
form metal cations to mixed-anions

Goal of this area

Inorganic compounds such as oxides and nitrides are base materials supporting various industries including electronic devices, batteries, display and so on. However, while the number of constituent elements is so many in these materials, the diversity of atomic coordination is poor hardly to design next generation functional materials. In this research area, we propose a new concept  called “mixed-anion” bringing new degree of freedom for designing materials, in contrast to the conventional approach focusing on cations. In the research of mixed-anion materials, there are so many problems about synthetic methods, analytic techniques for light elements (hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen,...),  knowledge about functionality, integration of research area and so on. By the cooperation of synthesis, analysis and application groups, we will solve these problems and establish new scientific principle.  Detail