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Outline of Scientific Research on Innovative Areas

Recently, mixed anion compounds have garnered much attention as a new category of inorganic materials. Compared to known oxides and nitrides, unusual coordination motifs and crystal structures are possible with these compounds, giving the possibility of radically new functions. This research area aims to create new functional compounds for materials science by capitalizing on the unusual bonding, atomic structure, and electronic structure resulting from the various charge, electronegativities, and polarizabilities inherent for each incorporated anion. Proposals should approach this goal with new perspectives and potential for interdisciplinary development. Collaborative proposals and challenging proposals with radical ideas are encouraged, and previous research accomplishments with mixed anion compounds are not a prerequisite.

Target fields

Computational science, solid state physics, electromagnetic and optical devices, structural materials science, surface science, geoscience, environmental science, coordination chemistry, biomedical engineering, carbides, borides, silicides, inorganic/organic hybrid materials, amorphous materials, nanomaterials, porous materials, etc.

Group A01

Synthesis of new mixed anion compounds by novel syntheses, developing techniques to control anion composition and arrangement within structures, investigating the role of compound anions in determining crystal structure, prediction of materials and properties using materials informatics

Group A02

Structural analysis of mixed anion compounds (using neutron diffraction, synchrotron X-ray diffraction, electron microscopy, etc.), novel chemical characterization techniques, ab initio simulation/analysis of spectroscopic data, theoretical studies to predict and understand material properties

Group A03

Application of mixed anion compounds and their properties for energy-related applications, materials properties, computational science, spintronics, opto-electronic devices, crystal engineering.


Synthesis of Mixed Anion Compounds toward Novel Functionalities

Number of Research Area: 2807
Term of Project: FY2016-FY2020
Head Investigator: Hiroshi Kageyama
Research Institution: Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University
Research Group

Upper Limit of

Annual Budget

(Million yen)

Number of

research projects scheduled to be selected

A01 Novel synthesis of mixed anion compounds (Synthesis) Experimental study: 2
Theoretical study: 1
A02 Analysis of mixed anion compounds (Analysis)
A03 Functional design of mixed anion compounds (Function)

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