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Invited lecture (International conference)


[90] Recent Advances in Materials Simulations and Informatics
Kenta Hongo
International Congress on Pure & Applied Chemistry (ICPAC) 2018/03/10


[89] Bayesian approach combined with first-principles simulations toward computational materials design
Kenta Hongo
The 12th (Last) General Meeting of ACCMS-VO 2017/12/19

[88] Oxynitrides as Photocatalysts for Water Splitting and CO2 Fixation
Kazuhiko Maeda
The 6th Toyota RIKEN International Workshop 2017 2017/11/10

[87] Visible light CO2 reduction and water oxidation on modified semiconductor photocatalysts
Kazuhiko Maeda
232nd Electrochemical Society (ECS) Meeting 2017/10/03

[86] Light induced H2 evolution on metal oxide nanosheet
Takayoshi Oshima, Kazuhiko Maeda
International Conference on functional nanomaterials and nanodevices 2017/09/27

[85] New opportunities of chemistry with mixed anion compounds
Hiroshi Kageyama
The 3rd Symposium of the Center for Nature-derived Materials (Excellent Core) and The 3rd International Symposium for Green-Innovation Polymers (GRIP2017) 2017/09/26

[84] Topotactic synthesis of mixed-anion oxide epitaxial thin films
Akira Chikamatsu, Tetsuya Hasegawa
Physical Chemistry 2017 2017/09/19

[83] Metal-Complex/Semiconductor Hybrid Photocatalysts for Carbon Dioxide Fixation
Kazuhiko Maeda
The 67th Conference of Japan Society of Coordination Chemistry 2017/09/16

[82] Construction of artificial photosynthetic assemblies using semiconductors, nanoparticles, and metal complexes
Kazuhiko Maeda
International Symposium on Chemistry for Solar Energy Applications 2017 2017/08/31

[81] Materials and physical properties of 112 iron-based superconductors
Hiraku OGINO
IUMRS-ICAM2017 Symposium 2017/08/30

[80] Observation of anion order in the Pb-Ti-O-F oxyfluoride system
Kengo Oka
IUMRS ICAM 2017 2017/08/30

[79] Photocatalytic Water Splitting and CO2 Fixation Using Oxynitrides and Nitrides
Kazuhiko Maeda
The 9th International Symposium on Nitrides and Related Materials (ISNT2017) 2017/08/30

[78] Transition Metal Oxynitride Perovskite
Hiroshi Kageyama
The 9th International Symposium on Nitrides and Related Materials (ISNT2017) 2017/08/29

[77] Change of Magnetic Coercivity in a””-Fe16N2 Like Nitride
S. Kikkawa, Y. Matsumoto, Y. Tsugawa, R. Yamauchi, Y. Masubuchi
The 9th International Symposium on Nitrides (ISNT2017) & The 5th International Symposium on SiAlONs and Non-oxides (ISSNOX5) 2017/08/28

[76] Synthesis and Development of Titania and Titanium Complexes by Aqueous Solution-based Methods
Makoto Kobayashi, Hideki Kato, Masato Kakihana
IUMRS-ICAM2017 2017/08/28

[75] Phonon-induced superlattice structures in titanium-oxypnictides superconductors
Kenta Hongo, Ryo Maezono
The 9th Conference of the Asian Consortium on Computational Materials Science(ACCMS-9) 2017/08/11

[74] Ab initio Evaluations of Hamaker Constants
Kenta Hongo, Ryo Maezono
The 9th Conference of the Asian Consortium on Computational Materials Science(ACCMS-9) 2017/08/10

[73] How to Use Neutron Sources to Explore Mixed-Anion Compounds
Hiroshi Kageyama
Gordon Research Conference on Neutron Scattering 2017/08/10

[72] Utilization of Magnetic Semiconductors and Bottom-up Nanostructuring for Thermoelectric Enhancement
Takao Mori
ICT2017 (36th Annual International Conference on Thermoelectrics) 2017/08/02

[71] Anion Manipulation in Extended Solids Toward Novel Functions
Hiroshi Kageyama
The Tenth International Conference on the Science and Technology for Advanced Ceramics 2017/08/01

[70] Crystal Chemistry of Perovskites; Amazing Material of Rich Electronic Functions
Setsuhisa Tanabe
Frontier Lecture for Solid Luminescent Materials 2017/07/31

[69] Glass and Rare-Earth Elements, Frontier Lecture for Solid Luminescent Materials
Setsuhisa Tanabe
Frontier Lecture for Solid Luminescent Materials 2017/7/31

[68] New Semiconductor Photocatalysts Designed for CO2 Reduction and Water Oxidation under Visible Light
Kazuhiko Maeda
The 7th International Multidisciplinary Conference on Optofluidics 2017 2017/07/25

[67] A New Molecular Design Based on Bayesian Inference and First- Principles Simulations
Kenta Hongo
International Workshop on Advanced Methods for Nano Materials Design (Satellite session of Nano Korea 2017 Symposium) 2017/07/14

[66] Deep red persistent phosphors of Mn2+ doped germanate pyroxene with lanthanide sensitizer
Setsuhisa Tanabe
6th IWASOM & Phosphor Safari Conference 2017/07/11

[65] Synthesis and Gas Sensing Properties of Oxide Nanoparticles with Different Morphologies
S. Yin, M.Hatsikano, S. Komatsuda, Y. Asakura
China-Japan-Korea Multifunctional Nanomaterials Seminar (CJK2017) 2017/07/07

[64] Functional oxynitrides: crystal structure and synthesis method
Yuji Masubuchi
The 1st BK21+ International Symposium on Photo-Bio-Chemistry 2017/07/06

[63] Growth of electronic functional oxynitride thin films by pulsed laser deposition
Tetsuya Hasegawa
TOEO-10 2017/07/05

[62] Novel Water Molecular Controlled-Release Solvothermal Synthesis of Photocatalytic Nanomaterials
Honghong CHANG, Jimin FAN, Zhihuan ZHAO, Yusuke ASAKURA, Jun-ichi MATSUSHITA, Shu YIN
The International Forum on Functional Materials (IFFM2017) 2017/06/28

[61] New Heterogeneous Photocatalysts Designed for Water Oxidation and CO2 Reduction
Kazuhiko Maeda
Nano-Micro Conference 2017 2017/06/21

[60] Synthesis Mixed Anion Type Photocatalysts by Solvothermal Process
Z. Zhao, H. Chang, J. Fan, Y. Asakura, S. Yin
9th International Conference on Materials for Advanced Technologies(ICMAT 2017) 2017/06/20

[59] New Routes for Bottom-up Nanostructuring and Utilization of Magnetic Semiconductors to Enhance Thermoelectric Materials
Takao Mori
ICMAT2017 2017/06/19

[58] Synthesis and Characterization of Multifunctional Photocatalysts and their Applications as a Smart Coating
S. Yin, Y.Anada, Y.Asakura, K.Katsumata, K.Yanagisawa, J. Matsushita, Y. Suzuki, T. Sekino, D. Xue
The 7th International Symposium on Physics of Fluids (ISPF7) 2017/6/12

[57] In-situ Synthesis of Metal Nanoparticles within the Interlayer Space of Inorganic Layered Material Transparent Films
Tatstuto Yui
International Symposium on Pure & Applied Chemistry (ISPAC2017) 2017/6/10

[56] Utilizing Magnetic Semiconductors and Bottom-up Nanostructuring for Enhancing Thermoelectric Properties
Takao Mori
ICE2017 (8th International Conference on Electroceramics) 2017/5/31

[55] Bottom-up Nanostructuring for Enhanced Thermoelectric Performance
Takao Mori
12th Pacific Rim Conference on Ceramic and Glass Technology (PACRIM 12) 2017/5/25

[54] Water splitting using metal oxide photocatalysts
Kazuhiko Maeda
12th Pacific Rim Conference on Ceramic and Glass Technology (PACRIM 12) 2017/5/23

[53] S-band gain and blue upconversion characteristics in Tm-doped fiber amplifier by dual-wavelength pumping
Setsuhisa Tanabe
12th Pacific Rim Conference on Ceramic and Glass Technology (PACRIM 12) including Glass & Optical Materials Division Meeting (GOMD 2017) 2017/5/23

[52] Novel inorganic materials and bottom-up nanostructuring for thermoelectrics
Takao Mori
XVII International Forum on Thermoelectricity 2017/5/18

[51] Hydrothermal Synthesis of Environmental Harmony Inorganic Nanomaterials
International Symposium on Advanced Materials: Golden Era in Hydrothermal Research 2017 2017/3/29

[50] Creation and new functions of mixed-anion compounds
Hiroshi Kageyama
A seminar hosted by Prof. Ryo Maezono, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST) 2017/3/22

[49] Efficient near infrared persistent phosphors for the second and third bio-imaging windows
Setsuhisa Tanabe
Phosphor Global Summit 2017 2017/3/14

[48] Creation of Mixed Anion Systems with Novel Functions
Hiroshi Kageyama
セミナー 2017/3/13

[47] Functional mixed anion compounds – magnetism, catalysis and environmental remediation
Hiroshi Kageyama
MANA International Symposium 2017 2017/3/1

[46] Exploration of new iron-based superconductors from the viewpoint of crystal chemistry
超伝導コロキウム 2017/2/28

[45] Bottom-up Nanostructuring for Thermoelectrics
Takao Mori
TMS2017 (146th Annual Meeting) 2017/2/27

[44] Catalysis (ICMFC3)

NUSS Kent Ridge Guild House 2017/2/26

[43] CO2 reduction and water oxidation by new semiconductor photocatalysts
Kazuhiko Maeda
International Conference on Catalysis and Chemical Engineering 2017/2/23

[42] Mixed anion system: a new playground for chemists and physicists
Hiroshi Kageyama
A seminar hosted by Prof. Nic Shannon 2017/2/20

[41] Developing High Temperature Thermoelectric Materials by Utilizing Mixed Anions and Novel Principles
Takao Mori
The 18th International Symposium on Eco-materials Processing and Design (ISEPD2017) 2017/2/19

[40] Chemical state analysis of nitrogen doped titanium dioxide
Tomoko Yoshida, Muneaki Yamamoto, Akiyo. Ozawa, Yuma Kato, Shinya Yagi
The 18th International Symposium on Eco-materials Processing and Design (ISEPD2017) 2017/2/19

[39] Fabrication strategy for mesoporous silica titania photocatalyst with high adsorbability
Miki Inada, Katsuro Hayashi, Junichi Hojo
The 18th International Symposium on Eco-materials Processing and Design (ISEPD2017) 2017/2/19

[38] Crystal structure and dielectric property of perovskite-type oxynitrides
Yuji Masubuchi, Daiki Habu, Shi-Kuan Sun, Akira Hosono, Shinichi Kikkawa
he 18th International Symposium on Eco-materials Processing and Design (ISEPD2017) 2017/2/18

[37] Utilizing Magnetic Semiconductors and Bottom-up Nanostructuring Methods for Enhanced Thermoelectrics
Takao Mori
Thermoelectric Network Meeting 2017/2/14

[36] Perovskite Oxyhydride Catalysts for Ammonia Synthesis
Hiroshi Kageyama
iCeMS-VISTEC Joint Symposium 2017/2/2

[35] Development of New Visible-Light-Driven Photocatalysts for Water Oxidation Based on Rutile TiO2
Kazuhiko Maeda
第7回「フォーラム:人工光合成」 2017/1/28

[34] Novel Functionalities Driven by Mixed Anion Coordination in Extended Solids
Hiroshi Kageyama
セミナー 2017/1/26

[33] Quantitative evaluation of adsorption-photodecomposition property on mesoporous silica-titania
Miki INADA, Katsuro HAYASHI, Junichi HOJO
ICACC2017 2017/1/25

[32] Analysis of carrier trapping centers on persistent phosphors
Setsuhisa Tanabe
41st International Conference and Expo on Advanced Ceramics and Composites 2017/1/25

[31] Prospective for High Temperature Thermoelectric Applications and Development of Materials (Borides, Sulfides, Oxides, and Nitrides)
Takao Mori
Electronic Materials and Applications EMA2017 2017/1/19

Masatomo Yashima, Kotaro Fujii, Masahiro Shiraiwa, Keisuke Hibino, Eiki Niwa


[29] Efficient chemical compound search based on Bayesian inference
Kenta Hongo, Hisaki Ikebata, Tetsu Isomura, Ryo Maezono, Ryo Yoshida
The 11th General Meeting of ACCMS-VO (ACCMS-VO11) 2016/12/21

[28] Synthesis and Characterization of Composite Type High-activity Photocatalysts
International Workshop of Materials for Energy & Environmental Science 2016/12/16

[27] Mixed Anion Chemistry
Hiroshi Kageyama
International Symposium on Solid State Chemistry 2016/12/3

[26] Novel Red and Near Infrared Persistent Phosphors Developed By Trap Choice and Conduction Band Engineering
Setsuhisa Tanabe
Phosphor Safari 2016 2016/11/29

[25] Quenching Processes of Thermal Ionization and Thermally Activated Crossover for 5d-4f Luminescence
Jumpei Ueda, Setsuhisa Tanabe
Phosphor Safari 2016 2016/11/29

[24] Development of new iron-based superconductor 112 phase
Ogino, A., Sala, H., Yakita, H., Tanaka, J., Shimoyama, K., Kishio, Y., Kishio, Y., Kataoka, A., Iyo, H Eisaki
The 5th China-Japan Symposium on Crystal Growth and Crystal Technology 2016/11/21

[23] Molecular-based heterogeneous photocatalysts for solar fuel production
Kazuhiko Maeda
2nd Joint Workshop between NTU, Singapore and Tokyo Tech 2016/11/17

[22] Utilizing nanotechnology and novel materials and concepts for advanced and thermoelectric thermal management technology development
Takao Mori
XV International Conference “Thermoelectrics and their Applications 2016” 2016/11/15

[21] Precise Structure Analysis of Oxide Materials through Neutron and Synchrotron Powder Diffractometry up to 1830 K
Masatomo Yashima, Kotaro Fujii, Eiki Niwa, Masahiro Shiraiwa, Keisuke Hibino, Keita Saito

[20] Improvement of Rate Capability of Cathode Materials for Automobile Applications
Yoshiharu Uchimoto
ABAA9 2016/10/18

[19] Novel Water Molecular Controlled-Release Solvothermal Process for the Synthesis of Inorganic Nanomaterials
2016 International Symposium on Intefradted Molecular/Materials Science & Engineering(IMSE2016) 2016/10/16

[18] Quantum Monte Carlo simulations of molecular interactions using high performance computing
Kenta Hongo
EMN Meeting on Comuptation and Theory 2016/10/13

[17] Investigation of Therml Ionization Quenching and Design of Persistent Luminescnece in Ce3+-Doped Garnet Phosphors
Junpei Ueda
PRiME2016 2016/10/5

[16] Crystal chemistry of perovskites; Amazing material of electronic functions
Setsuhisa Tanabe
International Conference Recent Advances in Photovoltaics 2016/9/29

[15] Ion-diffusion Visualization and New Ionic Conductor Exploration Through Nuclear- and Electron-Density Studies
Masatomo Yashima, Kotaro Fujii, Masahiro Shiraiwa, Yuichi Esaki, Keisuke Hibino, Eiki Niwa
The 2016 E-MRS Fall Meeting 2016/9/20

[14] Chemistry of hydride ion and proton in anion-encaging crystals: Mayenite and apatite
Katsuro Hayashi
Nonstoichiometric Compounds Ⅵ 2016/9/7

[13] First Principles Calculations of Defect Clustering in Acceptor-Doped BaZrO3
Akihide Kuwabara
Nonstoichiometric Compounds Ⅵ 2016/9/5

[12] Glass and Rare-Earths
Setsuhisa Tanabe
Centenary Conference of Society of Glass Technology 2016/9/5

[11] Anion Diffusion in Mixed-anionic Perovskite Systems
Hiroshi Kageyama
Nonstoichiometric Compounds Ⅵ 2016/9/2

[10] Z-scheme reduction of carbon dioxide with visible light using a binuclear metal complex and a semiconductor
Kazuhiko Maeda
SPIE Optics+ Photonics for Sustainable Energy 2016 2016/8/31

[9] Lanthanide materials for lighting and telecommunication
Setsuhisa Tanabe
Special Lecture at Ca’Foscari University of Venezia, Venezia 2016/8/30

[8] Novel persistent phosphors of Transparent garnet ceramics
Setsuhisa Tanabe
6th International Congress on Ceramics (ICC2016) 2016/8/23

[7] CsxWO3/ZnO Nanocomposite as a Smart Coating for Multifunction of Photocatalytic Cleanup and Heat Insulation
The 4th International Symposium on Rare Earth Resource Utilization(ISRERU-4) & The 7th International Symposium on Functional Materials (ISFM-7) 2016/8/19

[6] Oxidation Behavior of Titania Disilicide Powder
The 4th International Symposium on Rare Earth Resource Utilization(ISRERU-4) & The 7th International Symposium on Functional Materials (ISFM-7), 2016/8/19

[5] Synthesis, Reactivity and Properties of Transition-Metal Oxyhydrides and Oxynitrides
Hiroshi Kageyama
Gordon Conference on Solid State Chemistry 2016/7/21

[4] Visible-light CO2 reduction using metal-complex/semiconductor photocatalysts
Kazuhiko Maeda
The 6th Sino-Japan bilateral young chemist forum 2016/7/2

[3] Kinetic approach for the adsorption-photodecomposition properties of mesoporous silica-titania
Miki INADA, Katsuro HAYASHI, Junichi HOJO
HTCMC9&GFMAT2016 2016/6/28

[2] Operando Analyses of Reactions using Synchrotron Radiation and the Design of High Rate Capability Cathode
Yoshiharu Uchimoto
IMLB 2016 2016/6/21

[1] LED Phosphors (Tutorial Lecture)
Setsuhisa Tanabe
15th International Symposium on the Science and Technology of Lighting (LS15) 2016/5/23

Invited lecture (Domestic conference)


[53] 「技術シーズ照会」
平成29年度 第2回 産業用クラウドスパコン利用推進協力会(賛助会員交流会)〜利用事例紹介と技術シーズ講演〜」 2018/3/1

[52] 第一原理計算の「おさえどころ」と「はじめかた」
科研費新学術領域「複合アニオン化合物の創製と新機能」第3回若手スクール 2018/1/26

[51] 先端素材産業におけるシミュレーション技術の活用 (最先端バーチャル設計技術がもたらす第4次産業革命)
石川県次世代産業育成講座・新技術セミナー 2018/1/24


[50] 量子拡散モンテカルロ法を用いた第一原理多体波動関数評価と電子状態計算
第7回量子化学スクール~基礎理論と高精度理論の発展~ 2017/11/20

[49] 超空間制御5Vスピネル結晶材料の開発
是津信行, 手嶋勝弥
電気化学会九州支部・東海支部合同シンポジウム 2017/09/15

[48] ソルボサーマル反応場による環境応答機能材料の創製
殷 澍
長岡科技大学極限エネルギー密度工学研究センター講演会 2017/9/14

[47] 水溶媒を用いた酸化チタンナノ結晶成長とチタン錯体の開発
小林亮, 加藤英樹, 垣花眞人
第5回アライアンス若手研究交流会 2017/8/22

[46] 歪みとズレの設計に基づく新物質創成と機能開拓
錯体化学若手研究会「錯体化学若手の会夏の学校2017」 2017/8/1

[45] 複合アニオン結晶の可能性
京セラ講演会 2017/7/28

[44] アニオン化学が拓く新しい機能物性
第九回 応化談話会 2017/7/25

[43] フォノンエンジニアリングによる熱電材料の高性能化
応用物理学会フォノンエンジニアリング研究グループ JST「微小エネ」領域合同研究会 2017/7/15

[42] 半導体、錯体、ナノ粒子をビルティングブロックとしたエネルギー変換型光触媒系の構築
第402回触媒科学研究所コロキウム 2017/7/7

[41] ガーネット蓄光型蛍光体の電子構造と光機能設計
田部 勢津久
34回先端光量子科学アライアンスセミナー 2017/7/4

[40] 二次元層間を利用した金属ナノ粒子の合成
日本化学会低次元系光機能材料研究会 第六回研究講演会 2017/6/23

[39] 第一原理計算とベイズ統計に基づく新規物質探索
近畿化学協会コンピュータ化学部会公開講演会(第99会例会)「マテリアルズインフォマティクスの最近の動向」 2017/6/23

[38] 半導体光触媒を中核とした人工光合成系の構築
第6回 「酸化物研究の新機軸に向けた学際討論会」 2017/6/17

[37] 固体光触媒を用いた水の光分解、二酸化炭素の光還元反応
第2回固体化学フォーラム研究会 2017/6/14

[36] 第一原理計算屋のマテリアルズ・インフォマティクス研究
第6会MI2Iコンソーシアムイベント 2017/6/13

[35] 無機クラスターを活用した水溶液プロセスによる蛍光体の合成
垣花眞人, 加藤英樹, 小林亮, 冨田恒之, 佐藤泰史
粉体粉末冶金協会平成29年度春季大会(第119回講演大会) 2017/5/31

[34] 複合アニオン化合物結晶材料の創製と新機能
是津信行, 手嶋勝弥
第1回公開シンポジウム(キックオフミーティング)複合アニオン化合物の創製と新機能 2017/5/29

[33] 層状ケイ酸塩の層間反応を利用した多孔体設計
薬工をつなぐ粉体界面プロセス -2017年度第1回界面特性を利用した粒子設計とプロセス開発に関するワークショップならびに粉体グリーンプロセス研究会講演会 2017/5/18

[32] 溶液法による高機能フォトセラミックスの合成及び新物質探索~蛍光体・光触媒を例に~
山口大学 光・エネルギー研究センター 講演会 2017/5/13

[31] 物質材料シミュレーションの垂直展開に向けて
第30期CAMMフォーラム本例会(社団法人 企業研究会) 2017/4/7

[30] スパコンシミュレーション!の素 ~クイズ・三つの扉~
平成29年度第1回 co-café@JAIST 2017/4/5

[29] 希土類蛍光体・セラミック蛍光体の基礎と課題、発光特性・量子効率・光源効率の評価法~白色LED、透光性セラミック、結晶化ガラス、高演色性~
田部 勢津久
サイエンス&テクノロジー セミナー 2017/3/29

[28] 異種アニオン利用に よる新物質開拓
荻野 拓
第97回日本化学会春季年会 2017/3/19

[27] 酸化物中の微量の水素化物イオンの特定法
林 克郎
第97回日本化学会春季年会 2017/3/19

[26] Catalytic ammonia decomposition over Ba-TiO3-xHx-supported Ru catalysts
Ya Tang, Yoji Kobayashi, Cédric Tassel, Takafumi Yamamoto, Hirosh Kageyama
第97回日本化学会春季年会 2017/3/18

[25] Development of Functional Oxides and Mixed-Anion Compounds
Hiroshi Kageyama
第97回日本化学会春季年会 2017/3/17

[24] BaYSi2O5Nの発見とその蛍光体母体としての可能性
小林亮, 安永拓矢, 佐藤大典, 加藤英樹, 垣花眞人, 藤井孝太郎, 八島正知
第3回構造科学と新物質探索研究会「新構造型機能性無機材料の探索: –現状と展望–」 (日本セラミックス協会 2017年年会 サテライトプログラム) 2017/3/17

[23] 金属錯体と半導体の特徴を活かした二酸化炭素還元光触媒の創出
第27回グリーンケミストリーフォーラム 2017/3/15

[22] 量子切断蛍光体の特徴と応用~原理・現象の基礎・展望~
田部 勢津久
情報機構セミナー 2017/3/10

[21] 層状ケイ酸塩の層間修飾を利用した精密構造制御
朝倉 裕介
第10回新機能無機物質探索研究センター・シンポジウム 2017/2/10

[20] 実験研究者を対象とした第一原理計算の技術移転に対する取組み
東北大学金属材料研究所ワークショップ- 中性子科学研究におけるJ-PARCとJRR-3の相補利用 - 2017/1/24


[19] 第一原理電子状態の進展とその統計科学・データ科学との融合展開
第5回日本MRS講演会 2016/12/22

[18] 赤外線応答に基づく無機ナノ材料の創製と新機能創出
殷 澍
第16回東北大学多元物質科学研究所研究発表会 2016/12/10

[17] 合アニオン化合物におけるヒドリド(H-)イオンの高圧特性
山本隆文, 川上隆輝, Michael A. Hayward, John E. McGrady, 陰山洋
第10回物性科学領域横断研究会 (領域合同研究会) 2016/12/9

[16] REAlB4型化合物の磁性と熱電的性質
第11回日本フラックス成長研究発表会 2016/12/9

[15] 可視光水分解を実現する新たな光触媒系の開発
第10回物性科学領域横断研究会 第11回凝縮系科学賞受賞講演 2016/12/9

[14] 新規なナノ構造熱電材料: 希土類フリーで耐酸化性の高性能スクッテルダイト、および、新規な磁性半導体硫化物熱電材料
第21回通電焼結研究会 2016/12/2

[13] 半導体と錯体を融合した革新的光触媒系の構築
錯体学会若手の会東海地区勉強会 2016/11/26

[12] ペロブスカイトの結晶化学:多彩な電子機能を有する驚異の材料
田部 勢津久
第1回フロンティア太陽電池セミナー, 2016/11/17

[11] 複合アニオン化合物の科学
陰山 洋
セミナー 2016/10/18

[10] 希土類4f電子遷移を利用した量子切断による波長変換
田部 勢津久
高分子学会有機エレクトロニクス研究会 2016/10/13

[9] 水溶性錯体を用いた多形・形態が制御された酸化チタンの合成およびその展開
小林亮, 加藤英樹, 垣花眞人
日本セラミックス協会 関西支部 第19回若手フォーラム 2016/10/6

[8] 複合アニオン酸化物の合成と機能開拓
陰山 洋
日本セラミックス協会 関西支部 第19回若手フォーラム 2016/10/6

[7] 複合アニオン化合物の合成, 構造, 機能
陰山 洋
物性談話会 2016/9/28

[6] 希土類セラミックスによる蛍光体変換型LEDの光源効率の支配因子と向上技術
田部 勢津久
サイエンス&テクノロジー セミナー 2016/9/27

[5] 「不均一触媒反応に対する理論化学手法による取り組み」
牛山 浩
第118回触媒討論会 2016/9/21

[4] 新しい酸窒化物の合成法と機能開拓, シンポジウム「マルチプローブ融合利用による新奇強誘電体材料の物性解明」
陰山 洋
日本物理学会 2016年秋季大会 2016/9/15

[3] ベイズ統計と第一原理計算を基盤とする新規物質構造探査
本郷研太, 池端久貴, 磯村哲, 前園涼, 吉田亮
日本セラミックス協会 第29回秋季シンポジウム 2016/9/8

[2] 新規ソルボサーマルプロセスによるセラミックスナノ材料の機能性制御
殷 澍
日本セラミックス協会 第29回秋季シンポジウム 2016/9/7

[1] 酸化チタン多形ナノクリスタルの水熱合成
小林亮, 加藤英樹, 垣花眞人
日本セラミックス協会 第29回秋季シンポジウム 2016/9/7